Simple Name Necklace (No Jewelry Making Skills Required)

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Do you have a child who has a name that can never be found on those license plates or key chains in the tourist stores?  My daughter has a name like that.  Actually, she has an incredibly common name but we spelled it a little bit differently.  There is a long drawn out story and meaning behind why but that doesn’t matter to the seven year old who can’t find fun trinkets with her name on it.

Her Christmas list looked much like most seven year old Christmas lists.  She wanted various toys (and a sewing machine!) but the thing that struck me the most was jewelry with her name on it.  

Ijewelry knew right away what she meant by “gorey” because for the past few months, every time we walked into a store that has name items, she looks for her own name to no avail.  About two weeks before Christmas, we had finalized what we were going to get the kids and we decided she would get a necklace with her name on it.  I searched high and low on Etsy and other sites that made personalized jewelry but the prices were way more than I wanted to pay for a 7 year old’s necklace.  I didn’t want something that would make me sad if she lost it.  

Simple Name Necklace -

I love to make jewelry and I was fairly certain that I had most of the supplies to make her a quick and easy necklace with her name.  Even if you didn’t have any supplies, you should be able to make this necklace for under 10 dollars (with coupons for your favorite craft store!).

What You Need:

A pair of pliers

A necklace chain purchased in the jewelry department at a craft store (I purchased one that was less than $3)

Letter beads (I had some in stock that were silver and very inexpensive.  Less than $5 a bag.)

Decorative beads that match (I went with some round silver beads and heart beads that came with the letter beads)

What To Do:

1.  Design your necklace.  Lay out the beads in the order that you would like them.  My daughter’s name only has four letters in it and originally I was just going to put one bead in between each letter.  I decided to add the heart beads after I laid out the design.

Simple Name Necklace -

2.  If your necklace clasp is small enough to string through the beads that you chose, you can skip this step.  The necklace chain I bought did not fit through the holes in the beads.  To do this, I used the pliers and removed the small jump ring from the clasp.

Simple Name Necklace -

3.  String your necklace the way you desire and reattach the jump ring with your pliers.  The two ends of the jump ring don’t have to meet up perfectly, but you want to make sure they are closed tight so that the chain won’t slip off of the ring.

Ta-da!  A fun and pretty necklace for your child (or you!) for less than ten dollars.



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  1. Daria
    | Reply

    Love it! As you know my kids’ names will never ever be found on a rack…except the baby when I finally stopped getting creative with their names. :)

    • Jen
      | Reply

      We did fit them with the perfect names though…I think she will be okay with it later. She is just destined to spend the rest of her life special ordering personalized stuff!

  2. Sarah
    | Reply

    Oh man, I love this idea! I think my boys’ would even have fun doing this! Thanks for the great idea!

    • Jen
      | Reply

      Instead of the chain from the craft store, hit up your local home improvement store and buy a length of ball chain. That should fit through most beads and I bet your boys would love it!

  3. Kia Ruiz
    | Reply

    Growing up I never found my name on anything and it was sad when my cousins and friends would be bought trinkets in our group and I would be left told to suck it up. This is a great idea.

  4. Lori Lavender Luz
    | Reply

    Did you write this post just for me? ;-)

    Thanks for this step-by-step. Even an anti-Martha like me can handle such great instructions.

    My daughter will thank you, too.

    Now for my son….

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