Picking up the Threads, Month One: Closets

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What better place to start cleaning up our houses than our closets???  Ugh, I know, I hear the grumbling through the computer speaker.  But you can do it!  That is the challenge we give you, and ourselves this month January 2014…open those doors, let the moths fly out, and start cleaning up the closets in your house!

Now, please don’t confuse this challenge with an ORGANIZING challenge.  No, no, no.  This challenge is to clean out your house and help you clean up your life

As I talked about in my last post, the crap has crept back in to our house.  The little things that we collect along life’s winding path.  The tchotchkies that magically appear our of no where, it seems.  The remnants of unfinished projects hanging around.  The leftovers from a big holiday.  A few years ago, it felt like our house used to stay clean for a lifetime.  I barely ever had to worry about a mess.  We have so much more STUFF now, I feel as though I am doing a major cleaning at the end of each and every day.  Organizing isn’t going to fix it.  It is time to get rid of the STUFF that is not important to us.  Which is why we can’t approach this challenge as an “organizing” challenge.  We will probably find ourselves right back in the same place next month, or the month after, or the month after… 

No, instead it is time to really take a look at what it is that is important to you.  What do you NEED?  What do you WANT?  What did you forget you even HAD?  I am not telling you to go sell all of your belongings and live out of an RV.  But I do want you to think about what life would truly be like with a few less things.  I want you to examine what adds value to your life.

The place where you live is a huge reflection on your life.  If your house is a disaster all the time, if you can never get ahead, if there is clutter each time you turn around, it is likely that your life is in the same condition.  Once I started examining the things I wanted to keep in my house (a few years ago), I quickly realized that was only the beginning.  It helped motivate us to pay down all of our debt (except our mortgage), it helped us choose the important events we wanted to participate in, the trips we wanted to take, the cars we wanted to buy, etc.  Each decision we made became far more important to my husband and I and we made them all together, and with confidence that it was what we wanted.

The freedom that comes with a cleaned OUT house is impossible to describe.  It is literally as though someone cuts the ball and chain from your ankle.  It allows you to make your own decisions again.  How many times have you said no to something you wanted to do, or a place you wanted to go because that pile of junk was still waiting for you at home and you just couldn’t justify it?  But then did you go home and take care of the pile of junk?!  NO!!!  Because you didn’t want to have to deal with it.  So it stayed there in the back of your head, affecting your decisions, whether you knew it or not.

So don’t look at this challenge as organizing!  Grab hold of the reigns of your mess and take charge!  There is no better time to start than now! 

I hope to have a post up in the next day or two with my first closet project…my bathroom closet.  Would you like to join me?  Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know how your cleaning out is going.

I am so ridiculously excited to get started on this and simplify my life again!!!


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