Picking up the Threads: Cleaning Out the Linen Closet

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The linen closet always seems to perplex me.  After posting on our Facebook page, I realized that I am not the only one.  I always feel like throwing away perfectly good linens is a waste.  I can use them to clean the car.  Or maybe they can become dust cloths.  And what if we need an extra sheets for somebody who is crashing on the couch?

This means that I just keep shoving the linens in the closet.  A very, very small linen closet.  Apparently, it is so small that I have been shoving stuff on the shelf in both of my kids’ closets.  The lower right picture is a shelf in my son’s room.

linen closet

The closet was out of control and it was time to clean out.  To begin, I took everything out of the closet.  I typically have to make a much bigger mess to get to the cleaner state!  As I cleaned out the closet, I made piles of items.  Sheets in one pile, towels in another, and more.  Once that was done, I picked a pile and got to work.  

I started with the sheets.  Each child has two twin beds, one of which is always used and the second is only used when there is company.  My husband and I have a king sized bed and there is a full sized futon in the basement for company.  I had a ridiculous amount of full sized sheets because both of the children had full sized beds at one time.  Most of the sheets were not in fantastic condition so I went through them and kept one flannel set and one regular set.  After I have gone through the sheets, I pulled a piece out of Martha Stewart’s book and folded the fitted sheets properly.  Each set of sheets was folded properly and then put in the pillowcase.  This was a little tip I learned from Pinterest.  Once all the sheets were folded, they went into the top two shelves.  

Next I organized the towels.  I threw away a number of towels that needed to find the garbage can.  Some of the towels were wedding gifts.  13 years ago.  Gross.  I continued that way until everything was finished.  Surprisingly enough, this project took me two days to get through because I still had to collect the linens shoved in other closets around the house.  I am most excited about being able to close the door without it popping back open!

Hopefully, I will be able to maintain this.


I think starting with the linen closet was a great way to kick off my Project Clean Out.  

picking up the threads

What are you cleaning out?


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