Simple Crochet Necklace/Arm Band/Necklace

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I have been doing an incredible amount of knitting and crochet lately.  I learned how to knit around 8 years ago and recently learned how to crochet (I cannot believe it took me so long to try it; it was ridiculously easy to make the transition).  For several years all I dared to make was scarves and other things that were square and straight.  I was scared to death to try something round, or anything more than a knit or purl stitch, the two basic knitting stitches.  Again, I can’t believe it took so long for me to step outside my comfort zone.  I still prefer projects I can finish in a day or two, just for the sheer fact that I have an attention span as long as my 1 year old daughter’s.  However, my fear faded away long ago and there is no project I won’t try.  If you are thinking of learning to knit or crochet, I highly recommend it.  Where you begin is your own personal preference.  Knitting is more versatile, crochet is quicker.  Crochet uses WAY more yarn than knitting, but there are certain looks you just can’t achieve with a set of knitting needles.  There is no doubt that something is handmade when it is crocheted (apart from delicate laces), but hand knit items can often appear as though they were purchased at a designer store.  I don’t think one is easier than the other.

After all these years I decided it was time to try to make a little business out of my knitting hobby and it has been an overwhelming success so far.  I write most of my own patterns and I have had the opportunity to make so many adorable items that I probably never would have thought to create without someone else requesting it.  The vast majority have been baby items so far and they are certainly keeping me busy.  Here is just a sample of those pieces:

IMG_5080 IMG_5129 IMG_5134 IMG_5137 IMG_5078

I am still trying to squeeze in items for my own family, but it has been tough recently.  I am not complaining though, as I am very welcoming of all the business.  I finished another baby hat today (a chicken) and had a little bit of leftover yarn so I managed to whip up a super fast project.  I though I would share it with you today: it is a simple crochet bracelet/arm band/necklace/belt/whatever you want it to be that was inspired by something a friend of mine found on pinterest.  Talk about versatile!  It took less than 30 minutes to make and I think it is super cute.

don't mind my hairy arms!

Crochet Bracelet:


  • Any type of yarn you desire.  I used Berroco Kodiak Color 7002
  • Size K crochet hook, or size to achieve desired gauge
  • Button

Abbreviations can be found here.


Thread a button onto the end of your yarn.  You will carry it up the yarn until you decide to crochet it in to your piece

Ch 100, or to desired length

Turn, Sc into 2nd st from hook and sc across entire length of chain, incorporating button into a crochet st when you choose.  I crocheted my button in about a 3rd of the way through.

Cut yarn, fasten off, and weave in ends.


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    Hey girl – I thought your write up of this was so good – I posted a link to it in my blog: The great debate: To Crochet or To Knit? at

    TTFN, Kristin

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      Thanks for the link up! Isn’t the answer to just do it all?! :)

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