Colorado Flag Hat – Original Pattern

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The ladies of Threaded Together had a TERRIFIC weekend!  Debbie, Jen, and Marissa were all in the same place at the same time for the first time in over a year and a half.  My family and my mother all flew out to Jen’s home in Colorado to spend some family time together.  The cousins have been inseparable.  Mom, Jen and Marissa have spent hours on end gabbing away and comparing arts and crafts.  The two hubbies have enjoyed plenty of time playing guitar and just being boys.  I am so thankful for this time and so grateful that the stars aligned to make this reunion happen.  We still have several days to get our fill of family and Colorado, which will include at least one trip into the mountains for some skiing and snowboarding.

In between hiking along Dinosaur Ridge and visiting Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater (the hubbies brought their guitar to play on stage), I have been able to fit in gobs of knit and crochet time.  I have joked that I’m running my own sweatshop here, trying to create as many fiber pieces for Jen and her family before we ship off back home.  Three pairs of boot socks and five hats later, here I am ready to share a quick post with you.  

Coloradans are very proud of their state and around every corner you are able to find apparel and accessories boasting the state flag.  After a trip to the yarn store, I sat down to get to work on a hat for Jen that modeled that same state flag.  Here is the pattern!

Crochet Colorado Flag Hat



  • Size H and I crochet hook (H is used in last two rows or throughout entire pattern if you have a slightly larger head)
  • Caron Simply Soft yarn in navy, white, yellow, and red
  • Tapestry Needle


  • R1: With I hook and navy yarn, ch 4, join into ring, ch3, work 11 dc in ring, join (12 sts)
  • R2: ch1, sc in same st and then work 2 sc in ea dc (24 sts), join
  • R3: ch3, dc in same st at base of beginning ch, dc in next st, *2dc, dc* around, join (36 sts)
  • R4: ch1, sc around, join
  • R5: ch3, dc in same st at base of beg ch, dc in ea of next 2 sc, *2 dc, dc 2* around, join (48 sts)
  • R6: ch1, sc around, join
  • R7: ch3, dc in same st at base of beg ch, dc in next 3 sts, *2 dc, dc 3* around, join (60 st)
  • R8: ch1, sc around, join
  • R9: ch3, dc in same st at base of beg ch, dc in next 4 sts, *2 dc, dc 4* around, join (72 sts)
  • R10: ch1, sc around
  • R11: ch3, dc around
  • R12 – R22: repeat rows 10 and 11 (or until you have reached the desired length of your hat, ending on a sc row)

***IMPORTANT*** COLOR CHANGING: Change to white at round 15 and back to blue at round 19

Optional: change from the I hook to the H hook for the last two rounds…I like to have a tighter stitch with hats around my forehead.  They just wear better!

For the Colorado C:

  • R1: With yellow, ch 2, 12 DC into second ch from hook, leave long tail and cut yellow yarn
  • R2: Join previous round using red yarn, ch 5, 2 dc in next 10 sts, fo, leave long tail and cut red yarn

Using tapestry needle and long tails from “C,” sew C onto hat over the white stripe.  I offset the C to the side on my hats, but this doesn’t really matter in you have a nice invisible seam up the back of your hat.

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