Built-In USB Wall Charger

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Built-In USB Wall Charger - threadedtogether.comThis life hack is not the typical “turn your paper clips into a hanger” sort of life hack.  There is nothing re-purposed or magical about this.  I did not invent some crazy idea and it is not going to go viral for its ingenuity.  However, it IS something that has improved my life in a small way, and I am so thankful that I did it.

2013 was the year of remodeling our house.  Literally.  We redid the bathrooms, built cabinets, landscaped our backyard, tiled our bathroom floors ourselves, new carpet upstairs, new floor downstairs (neither of those were ourselves), new roof, new HVAC, new hot water heather (yep, that broke too).  Apart from the plumbing and electrical wiring, we practically replaced it all.

However, even with all of those fun (I use this word to try to forget the real word is “expensive”), new things we have in our house, my favorite addition was super small and cost less than $15.  A hard wired USB charging port.

Talk about convenience!  Almost everything we own has a USB plug on it.  But they all have different squares that the USB plugs into before it goes in to the wall.  Now we don’t have to hassle with them.  We go straight to the source!  We have not had any problems plugging multiple devices in at the same time.  Most of them don’t use that many amps.  HOWEVER, we do not plug our iPad into the charger at the same time as anything else.  It will NEVER charge that way. On my version there is even an indicator light.  It is off when nothing is plugged in, glows green when something is charging, and flashes green when the charging is complete.  Um, how cool is that?

So, we used the one shown above, purchased at Lowe’s and simply installed it in the current outlet that we seemed to use the most for charging our devices.  Follow the directions to turn off the power, etc. before installing and follow the wiring instructions.  Easily less than a 15 minute project if you do it right the first time.  Don’t want to mess with the electrical and all that sort?  They also sell products that just plug into your existing outlets for the same price.  No wiring necessary.

I LOVE my wall USB port and will be putting AT LEAST one in every house I move into after this.

Built-In USB Wall Charger - threadedtogether.com

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