Whale Themed “Wishes For Baby” Printable Baby Shower Activity

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Whale Themed "Wishes For Baby" Printable Baby Shower Activity - Threaded TogetherIf you missed my last post about my nautical inspired mirrored wall hanging, you may not know that I am throwing a baby shower for my friend.  In about a month she is due to have her first baby and she will find out how amazing it is to be mother to a precious little boy.  To celebrate his pending arrival, we are having a party bathed in navy and green and anchors and whales. 

I am not really big on the baby/bridal shower games.  As a matter of fact, I can hardly stand them.  However, I do know that you need a few ice breakers when you have a room full of 20 women, many of whom have possibly never met.  Wine helps.  A lot.  But a few activities aren’t a bad idea either.  When I throw baby showers I skip the games and try to have the guests complete activities.

One of the activities I chose for this baby shower is a “Wishes for Baby” list.  The guest fills in their best advice and wishes for the baby to be.  You can have a few guests read one or two of their lines while they are filling them out, or choose some of the lines to read while the mom is opening gifts.  I recommend the latter.  We all know gift opening can take a while sometimes!

Are you having a nautical themed shower?  Click Here for your free printable Wishes for Baby activity paper!  There are two pages to a sheet and this should print out perfectly on your basic sheet of card stock.  Just print half as many sheets as the number of guests that will be attending (always print one or two extra) and slice the paper in half after it prints.

Whale Themed "Wishes For Baby" Printable Baby Shower Activity - Threaded Together


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    Thank you for posting this and being generous enough to provide a free download! This is beautiful and will work perfectly for a shower i am helping with in a few weeks. Hope all of you and your families are doing well.

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