Nautical Flag Wall Hanging

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Nautical Wall Hanging - Threaded TogetherAs the wife of a U.S. Naval Aviator, I have seen my fair share of nautical decor.  Us military wives have a weakness for blue and white stripes, beach themes, anchors, you name it.  There are so many variations and you can do so much with it.  I, personally, do not have a drop of water inspired interior design in my house.  After making this wall hanging for a friend though, I may have to change that.

In April (2014), I threw a nautical themed baby shower for a friend and I am slowly trying to give you the details of all the items I created for the shower.  I have already shared another decorative piece, the nautical tray:

Nautical Tray - Threaded Together and I shared a free activity printable:

Wishes For Baby Printable - Threaded Together

And now we are moving on to more decorations!  When I decorate for a party, I try my absolute hardest to use items that I can reuse, recycle, gift, or anything other than throw away in the trash after the fun is over!  I cannot stand putting all of my money, time, and effort into something that is just going to make a trip to the landfill.  That may not seem like a big deal, but it is much easier said than done.  It requires a lot more planning and “doing” time.

Most items I created for this shower were Pinterest inspired, but this piece was actually inspired by a friend’s picture.  She posted an ADORABLE wall hanging she made for her baby boy’s nursery and I just knew I wanted to make some version of this for the party.  Her version involves an oar and separately hanging each nautical flag from the oar, which I LOVE:

Nautical Wall Hanging - Threaded TogetherPhoto Credit: Barbara Webster

Is that not just beautiful???  Unfortunately, I did not have the space or a good way to hang such a decoration during the event so I knew I had to make a smaller version of it.  I used my nautical flag wall hanging as a main decoration in the food room during the shower, but it was also one of my gifts to the mom-to-be who is decorating her son-to-be’s room with whales and anchors. 

There is a nautical flag for each letter of the alphabet.  Make your flag spell out the first or last name, or baby, or get creative!


  • Scrap piece of 1 x 6 wood (length depends on letters required…I needed 5 flags so mine was a minimum of 27.5 inches)
  • Craft paint (in white, blue, yellow, black and/or red, again, depending on your letters)
  • Foam paint brushes
  • Painters tape
  • Eye hooks
  • Jute or twine
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Drill


  1. Use this link to figure out how to spell your word in nautical flags
  2. Measure required length for wood and cut to appropriate size
    • A 1 x 6 piece of wood is actually 5.5 inches wide. 
    • I had 5 letters so I multiplied that times 5.5 inches. 
    • I also wanted a 1/4 inch of white in between each flag, so I added another inch to the length…I wouldn’t do this again. 
    • My board was 28.5 inches long.
  3. Using a pencil and a ruler, mark off 5.5 inch blocks (I also marked 1/4 inch between each block, again, I wouldn’t repeat this)Nautical Wall Hanging - Threaded Together
  4. Draw the lines to create the appropriate flag blocks.  This required a little bit of math, splitting blocks into halves or thirds or whatever was necessary to keep it accurate.Nautical Wall Hanging - Threaded Together
  5. Pick the first color you are going to paint and use the painters tape to tape it off. This will ensure straight lines. I chose to not prime the wood first because I wanted a more grainy look, so it took me three coats for each color.Nautical Wall Hanging - Threaded Together
  6. Continue in the same manner with each color until all colors required have been painted.Nautical Wall Hanging - Threaded Together
  7. Paint the edges. I chose to do mine in a navy blue and it looked terrific. 
  8. Pre drill holes to screw the eye hooks into and do so.
  9. String twine through the eye hooks and hang.

Nautical Wall Hanging - Threaded Together

My husband absolutely loved the end result and has said several times he would love one for our own house with our own last name.  I just have no idea where I would put it!

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