Nautical Themed Baby Shower

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Whale Themed Baby Shower Invitation - Threaded TogetherI recently threw a nautical themed baby shower for my friend and it was terrific!  I have posted several of the crafts I created, but I wanted to put them into one list here so they are all easy to find.

Baby showers are the absolute best.  People come together from all over the city, state, and country (we had a grandma from several states away) to celebrate the near birth of this incredible little creature.  Everyone is so excited to be a part of the baby’s life and help rear it into this amazing young man or woman.

We all have our own birth stories to share and excitement to impart.  Sometimes it can be the most helpful information when you are a new mom or dad.  Sometimes it can be down right scary!

I try to keep my baby showers all about the food, conversation, and advice for the days to come.  You won’t find people “guessing the baby poop or food.” For this shower we shared “wishes for baby” (see the link below) and made a “baby’s first alphabet” book.  Each guest drew a pictures (think a is for apple) on their own cardstock I had previously cut. After the shower I laminated the book and gave it to the new mom and dad.  Take a look at some of the other items I included in my shower! Click on the picture or link to be redirected to that original post.

Invitation and Nautical Tray

Whale Baby Shower Invitation - Threaded Together

Nautical Mirrored Tray - Threaded Together

Whale Themed “Wishes for Baby” Printable Baby Shower Activity Card

Whale Themed “Wishes For Baby” Printable Baby Shower Activity - Threaded Activity

 Nautical Flag Wall Hanging

Nautical Wall Hanging - Threaded Togetherand this one isn’t nautical, but it is a very popular Pregnant Belly Cake that I have made for several showers

Pregnant Belly Cake - Threaded Together



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