Moving Tip: How to Neatly Pack Your Jewelry

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How To Pack Jewelry With No Tangles! - Threaded TogetherThis is not a sponsored post.  The opinions in this blog post are mine and mine alone.  I only endorse this product because I have found it to be a reasonable solution to my life problem of the day!

***UPDATE:*** this worked like a CHARM! There was absolutely no residue (the press in seal isn’t actually sticky, it mostly just kind of sticks to itself).  I did not have to be gentle with these little packs at all.  The jewelry didn’t shift during the move and on the other end I had worry free, tangle free jewelry unpacking.  I just peeled the packets back open and put the jewelry pieces back into their boxes. Such a simple thing to do.

It is only just recently that I even started organizing my jewelry nicely at home.  Prior to this year, I kept all of my necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc., stored in one small single 5x5x5” box.  I know, the HORROR!  I very rarely wear jewelry, but every time I “needed” to, it was a battle to untangle, search for pairs, and so on.  Finally, I couldn’t stand it anymore and I fixed the problem.  I bought several jewelry boxes at my local craft store (50% off, of course) and made a stack of organization bliss.

Fast forward to right now.  Jennifer (Colorado) and I (Virginia) are both in the middle of moving out of our current houses.  We will literally be leaving our current abodes within days of each other.  Jennifer is moving a couple miles away to a new home, I am moving a couple thousand miles away to a new state.  There has been a lot of back and forth sharing our most recent moving tips and this is the one I have to share today…packing jewelry neatly to move it without it turning back into a tangled mess.

There are, of course, several options.  You can just put each item into individual bags…that would be a lot of bags for me.  There is the the good old fashioned travel jewelry organizer (they come in every shape and size and there is even one at my craft store that matches my jewelry boxes).  Unfortunately, I would have to buy more than one to fit all my jewelry and then I will never use them again, until it is time for another move.  I am sure the list goes on.

My husband is in the Navy and the military will move us, but jewelry is one of the “no-go” items.  Even though you will get the occasional packer who will pack it anyway, moving companies do not want to be responsible for potentially valuable, and easily stolen, goods such as jewelry.  So, though my jewelry is all costume stuff from cheap places in the mall, I am in charge of getting it from A to B.  I searched all over the internet and the option that appealed most to me involved Glad Press‘n Seal cling wrap.  It seemed simple and easy to recreate without reading any directions.  It is, after all, just cling wrap.

Why I loved this solution:

  • It took me (easily) less than 20 minutes to wrap up all my jewelry
  • The jewelry is now a neat small bundle that not only takes up less space than my boxes, but will also weigh less and not tangle (I did think about just sealing the boxes with the jewelry already in it, but I thought
    • there are a million ways this could go wrong and make a mess in transit
    • I will leave the boxes for the packers to pack and it will save me room for other items in my car
  • It was inexpensive…just a couple bucks for a box of cling wrap and I barely used any of it

Will I use the same idea again:

  • Absolutely!  Assuming they turn out great on the other end in a few weeks of course
  • My only concern is the SLIGHT possibility of the wrap leaving a residue on the jewelry, however:
    • the cling wrap is sticky, but also not really all that sticky
    • the wrap is clearly supposed to be food friendly and is meant to not leave a trace behind


Unroll the desired length of cling wrap onto a clean surface, sure to leave the non “sticky” side down on the surface.  Do not cut the wrap.

How To Pack Jewelry With No Tangles! - Threaded Together

Place necklaces, bracelets, etc. on cling wrap, sure to leave enough space (about 1/2 to 1 inch) between each piece and in the middle of the necklace “holes”…you will need this space to press the wrap to stick to itself (since its not THAT sticky, I don’t foresee it doing a good job just sticking to the jewelry itself…the strongest areas are where it sticks to itself).

Continue unrolling the wrap and fold it over the top of itself, sticky sides facing each other.

How To Pack Jewelry With No Tangles! - Threaded Together

Cut the wrap so that the two ends meet.  Press the wrap around each piece so that the items do not move. 

How To Pack Jewelry With No Tangles! - Threaded Together

Roll lengths of wrap up and pack.  Undo at the other end of transit!

How To Pack Jewelry With No Tangles! - Threaded TogetherHappy Packing!


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  1. Therese
    | Reply

    This sounds brilliant! Have you opened them yet? How well did it work for the unpacking stage?

    • Marissa
      | Reply

      Yes Therese! They worked PERFECT! I just opened them up and plopped the jewelry back into their boxes. They did not shift a bit in transit and there was absolutely no residue.

  2. Francis Carlson
    | Reply

    Brilliant ideas. So glad to find them. I travel a lot and your tips are very helpful! Greetings

  3. Amy
    | Reply

    This is awesome! I just packed my jewelry this way and it takes up so much less space than packing any other way! and i also feel confident that it will not get ruined during our move! Thank you so much for this idea!!!!

    • Marissa
      | Reply

      That’s great! So glad it helped you out!

  4. Gina
    | Reply

    Would you use this method for travel and would the press n seal restock again or would you have to get new pieces?

    • Marissa
      | Reply

      I would probably not use this method for travel, if you mean you are going to be wearing the jewelry each day and putting it in and out of the plastic. I bet it would restick a few times, but probably not over and over with regular use.

  5. Spain
    | Reply

    I’m worried about it pulling off the finish of my jewelry since I buy cheap jewelry, but it sounds like it won’t stick to my jewelry and ruin it. (I have all silver or all gold necklaces mostly). Is my assumption of it being safe true?

    • Marissa
      | Reply

      My jewelry was definitely cheap jewelry and I did not have any problems with it pulling the finish off. The press n seal is not really a sticky plastic, it mostly sticks to itself. Hope that helps.

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