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Free, fully customizable, color coded, printable moving labels - Threaded TogetherSummer is PCS season in the military.  It feels like Every person I know starts to get ready to pack their belongings and move to another duty station.  My family is leaving Suffolk, Virginia (Norfolk Naval Operations Base) and moving to Newport, Rhode Island (Naval War College).  Our truck is due here in less than a week (aaaaaaghhhhh!) and two weeks from now, we will be gone!  It is exciting and scary and sad and nerve wracking and a million other emotions at the same time.

My friends and I have compared a lot of notes on moving.  You might have read my post about cleaning out before, and after, a moveOr maybe you saw my post about packing your jewelry.

Today is more about trying to stay ORGANIZED.  If you have never had a moving company move you, you may not know there are about a million things that can go wrong:

  • the packers don’t show up
  • the truck doesn’t show up
  • the truck’s too small
  • they pack too slow and you were already planning to be en route…three days ago
  • they pack too fast and all of your stuff is thrown into boxes without care
  • the truck doesn’t have a driver to take it away
  • the truck (empty or full) is weighed wrong
  • the truck goes to the wrong state
  • all or some of your goods get lost in transit or storage
  • your favorite heirloom piece(s) are broken
  • all your electronics are stolen
  • boxes are missing on the other end
  • all the screws to put your tables and furniture back together are missing at delivery
  • you plug your fridge back in and it doesn’t work

I think you get the picture.  Knock on wood, my husband and I have not had any major issues in our past moving experiences like those listed above.  Regardless, we are doing everything possible to avoid as many of these problems as possible.  I have listened to a lot of my military friends talk about labeling their boxes.  Everyone has their own method.  Most agree that putting your NEW address on the boxes is a great idea.  Then, if they are lost in transit there is still a slight chance the box will make its way to your new home.  It has definitely happened.  But how do you do this the most efficient and helpful way possible?  Lord knows you don’t have time to hand write on each individual box.  And, those address labels we use for envelopes are awfully small…

In an attempt to make things fast and easy (well, for the rest of you at least) I created these Adobe PDF files (click here if you don’t have Adobe and need to download it to use the files). 

They are FREE, PRINTABLE, COLOR-CODED LABELS, specific for each room of the house.

I know!  Exciting, right??!?!

Free, fully customizable, color coded, printable moving labels - Threaded Together

Required Materials:

  • Label Printer Paper (I used Avery #8163 because they were on sale but any labels that use the Avery template #5163 SHOULD work perfect, and most label paper formatted for 2” x 4” labels will work) always print a test page on regular paper to see if they line up properly first
  • Ink…especially if you are printing a lot of these (someone told me they use up to 400 labels a move just for their boxes…YIKES!)  A recommendation – I set my printer on fast draft before printing these.  It does alter the colors, usually muting them, but it also uses a lot less ink.
  • My PDF files below

Why I like this layout

  • You can customize each label sheet with your own address.  YOU ONLY NEED TO TYPE YOUR ADDRESS INTO ONE ADDRESS BLOCK ON EACH PAGE.  The rest will fill in automatically after you click outside of the box you typed in.  If you don’t want your address to appear on the labels, simply delete the preset text I have inserted that says “type address here”.  Or type whatever note you want to add.  You certainly are not just limited to your address!
  • I have saved each label sheet as a separate file so you can print out ONLY the rooms YOU have!  The biggest complaint I heard – people who purchased labels online or elsewhere had to buy sets that included labels for rooms they don’t have.  boo.
  • Print as many copies of each page as you need…you decide
  • The color coordinated labels make it quick and easy to recognize what room to put your boxes in on the back end of the moving process.  We hang a sign outside the door to each room at the new house with a coordinating label stuck on it.  The movers can match the label on the box to the label on the sign for each room.  Woot!

Please let me know if I have left out any important rooms or if you have issues with any of the files.  I think I tested them all, but you never know!!! 

Please take note: These files will not save with your address typed into them, so make sure you print enough labels, or just know you will have to type the address in again.  No biggie though.   And I tested filling them in on my iPad and it totally worked! :)  You just have to open it up in Adobe Reader first…also an app you must have on your device.Free, fully customizable, color coded, printable moving labels - Threaded Together


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  1. Lori Lavender Luz
    | Reply

    Very clever — and helpful!

  2. I totally could have used these when we moved. I’m thinking of garage storage using something similar too…hmmm.

    • Marissa
      | Reply

      They were SUPER handy! The movers even loved them when unpacking our truck…they didn’t have to ask where everything went! They would work great for storage spaces too. You can download a template from Avery to use with the labels.

  3. Kate
    | Reply

    Oh my goodness these are wonderful! Wish I had found these before I invested in tons of colored paper! Would you happen to have these just in black and white?

    • Marissa
      | Reply

      Hey Kate! I don’t right now, but I could probably do it in the near future. Those files were on a computer we don’t use anymore so I’ll have to hunt them down. You can select to print them in black and white through your printer, but most of them will probably print with a dark gray background for the labels and I’m assuming you want the b&w to save ink, so that won’t help too much.

  4. Rita
    | Reply

    These are so helpful. My only request would be labels for Attic and Laundry Room! Thank you!

    • Marissa
      | Reply

      Thanks Rita! We’ve used them ourselves in two moves and I LOVE having them available. I haven’t been able to find the original files, but maybe I’ll get around to adding a few more in the near future.

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