August Cleaning Challenge Day One and Two

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One Month Cleaning Challenge - Threaded TogetherSo I have been pumping myself, my family, and my friends up for my one month of cleaning. Thirty-one days of cleaning out the crap. The things in your life that are not adding any benefit, making you happy, or improving you as a person. Thirty-one days of donating items. Recycling items. Selling things. Just throwing stuff away if it isn’t worth it to recycle or donate. Why? Because whether you know it or not, these things that are taking up extra space in your home are also taking up extra space in your life. They are providing you with a burden that you may not even know is there.

Studies show having a messy home can be a major stressor. Clutter comes in so many forms! It might be a project that you just haven’t gotten to yet. Maybe it is a cabinet full of dishes you don’t use. Maybe it is just a bucket of papers you have been meaning to shred and dispose of. Knick knacks collecting dust all over your shelves. Whatever they are, these items are filling your life and cluttering your mental state at the same time. Once you clean them out and you start feeling liberated from these balls and chains, you will start doing and accomplishing things that you didn’t think were possible before. A huge weight will be lifted and you will have more room in your house, life, and mind for the things you really cherish.

Of course, I have been talking about this for the last couple of weeks and what do I do?!?! I TOTALLY FORGET to post the first days’ item! Go figure! In my defense, I didn’t remember about the post because I was spending all day cleaning my house preparing for guests to arrive. At least I was cleaning. Better late than never though, right? I am not going to do a blog post every day with the items I am cleaning out, but I will do regular updates or post pictures on our Facebook Page.

Here is a reminder of the rules: August 1st I cleaned out one item.  The 2nd I cleaned out two. Tomorrow, August 3rd, I will clean out three items, and so on. By the last day of August I will have cleaned out a minimum of 496 items. 

These are the possessions I de-cluttered from my life the last two days: On day ONE I got rid of ONE wine bottle opener.  On day TWO I got rid of TWO hairdryers.

One Month Cleaning Challenge - Threaded Together

Why these items?  The wine bottle opener is broken.  I am sure someone will be able to fix it easily, but no one has yet been able to and it has been sitting, broken, on the counter for over a year.  Taking up space.  Even if we could fix it, we have another perfectly good, small, hand held wine bottle opener that we have been using for said year without the broken one.  Why go back?

As for the two hair dryers…yep, I still have one perfectly good hair dryer that I have kept.  But now, I only have one.  Gee, what a concept.  One of me, the only person in the house that uses a hair dryer.  One hair dryer.  Makes sense.  Why did I have three?  I am pretty positive I replaced the first two hair dryers because their diffusers broke, and no hair dryer is any good to me without a diffuser.  For anyone else though, they work great!

All three items were donated to the Salvation Army to be sold at their thrift store. I’m totally on a roll and digging this challenge.  I cannot wait for my house to be down 496 items by the end of this month!

What did you clean out for day one and day two? If you haven’t started yet, it’s not too late!  Go find three things in your house you don’t use, want, need, or cherish, and get rid of them!


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