Christmas Trolls by Jan Brett

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DIY Christmas with Kids Link Up - Threaded TogetherWe love reading in this house. With a librarian for a mom, it is hard for the kids to get away without reading on a daily basis. I thought we had so many fun holiday books until I started working in the library. Boy, was I wrong. I have had so much fun finding new books to read to my kids as we explore the winter holidays. One of my favorites right now is Christmas Trolls by Jan Brett.

I love Jan Brett for her stories like The Mitten and Gingerbread Baby.  The Christmas Trolls has the same art that we know and love and the same kind of character message that many of her books contain.

Treva’s favorite time of year is Christmas but when small things begin disappearing, she starts to wonder if it is going to ruin Christmas. One morning, she see a hedgehog running across the snow with their Christmas pudding. She follows this little creature into the forest where she discovers two trolls who have been taking her family’s things because they want to have Christmas. 

Treva faces the trolls and discovers that they just need a little lesson in the true meaning of Christmas. The beautiful paintings help to tell how Treva explains the true meaning of Christmas and whether or not the trolls discover the true meaning themselves.

Christmas Trolls - Threaded Together

When you are finished reading this story, find a way to discuss the true meaning of Christmas and what it means to you and your family. We drew pictures of what Christmas means to us and it was so fun to hear my daughter talk about the family time spent together. 

Christmastime Books to Read With Kids - Threaded Together

What is your favorite Christmas book?

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    I love Jan Brett! What a cute story.

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