Summer Reading at the Library – A Printable Game Board and Bingo Card

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Dashing Through the Dewey Decimal System - Threaded TogetherA few of you know that last year I graduated with my MLIS, a master’s in library and information studies. I taught for 10 years but helping students find the perfect book and collaborating with classroom teachers was what I really wanted to do. I am about to finish my first year as a teacher librarian and I have loved every minute of it. Well, every minute of the job. The working part? I am still not a fan but if I am going to work, it might as well be doing something that I love. 

As the school year comes to an end, I am beginning to focus on the things that my children and I will do throughout the summer. In addition to all of the fun summer activities like museum visits, poolside sitting, and hiking, I try to incorporate learning activities to keep our brains active as well. 

This summer, I decided that I was going to help my kids explore the library a little bit more. I have noticed that lately they both head to the same sections every time we visit. To show them what else the library has to offer, I have created both a game board and a bingo card. Each square of the game board and the bingo card offer up a different task.

I hope we have fun exploring the library! 

Print the Dewey Decimal game board.

Dashing Through the Dewey Decimal System - Threaded Together

Print the Bingo Card

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