Udderly Smooth in the Classroom

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Being a librarian (aka media specialist) is a blast. My love for reading, books, kids and learning makes my job perfect for me. I have to admit though, with all this love comes a lot of germs too. I handle a lot of material that have been germed up so I wash my hands a lot! Living in Colorado where it is quite dry, this could be detrimental to the health of my skin. I am pretty thankful for this awesome lotion and hand cream from Udderly Smooth because it works!
udderly smooth

It is pretty adorable too…all cow like and fun. With my plethora of information right at hand, I did a little research and believe that the Udderly Smooth cow is a Holstein. At least that what it seems like from this book.

udderly smooth

You can grab Udderly Smooth all over the place, including Walmart! It is a great pick up item for yourself or to give as a gift. It is even better when given with a book (or a bookmark even)!

udderly smooth

Here are some of the things other educators have to say about this fabulous product.

And here is a contest you can enter to win an Udderly Smooth prize pack and a $50 gift card to Walmart too. a Rafflecopter giveaway

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