Ikea Kitchen Build – Delivery

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Holy Ikea Kitchens, Internet! Take a look at what was delivered today!

Ikea Kitchen - Delivery

We are up to our elbows in kitchen renovation in our lovely Nebraska house.

I have had my reservations about going with an Ikea kitchen but I did a TON of research before we selected these cabinets. I am nervous, and excited, all at the same time to get them built and installed!
I was not impressed with the delivery company today (typical issues…several hours later than they claimed, not entirely pleasant, etc.) but it was no huge deal.
After taking our inventory it looks like we are only missing two items (not too shabby out of 118 pieces!). I obviously have plenty to keep me busy while we wait for those things to arrive!
Here is a “before” picture of our kitchen, complete with almond colored appliances. Can we say, “80s brown?”
Kitchen Remodel, Before - ThreadedTogether.com
A during picture.  Yes, I know, please don’t ever follow my safety guidelines.
Kitchen Remodel, During - ThreadedTogether.com
And a now picture.  Pre Cabinets.
Kitchen Remodel, During - ThreadedTogether.com
The worst job so far was definitely removing the 30 year old tile floor and cement backer board.  We did this job a month ago and we are STILL dusting the house almost every day.
Kitchen Remodel, Tile Removal - ThreadedTogether.com
And now we are finally able to move forward with installing new cabinets!!!  Wish me luck!  I have my work cut out for me.  I can’t wait to let you know how it goes!

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