New Use for Built-Ins

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We purchased our home in Nebraska knowing there was a lot of work to be done to bring it into this century. The house was amazingly well-kept over the last 30 years by one owner prior to us, but it desperately needed a facelift. One such area was what we originally called the Whiskey Room:

New Use For Built-Ins -

Wall to wall (30-year-old!) rust carpet filled the room, the windows were covered with light-blocking curtains and the dark wood paneling just made you want to sit down with a whiskey and cigar and be a man for a while. This was not going to work for me. We himmed and hawed for a while about it but finally made the decision to get rid of the drab by painting it all WHITE!

New Use For Built-Ins -

Practically every house in our neighborhood is equipped with these built-in bookshelves flanking a fireplace. I was SOOOOO tempted to rip them out – particularly since we don’t own any books! Instead we are regular visitors to our local library where we have all the books we could possibly want at our fingertips. My husband gives me a lot of leeway in the crazy remodeling projects I want to tackle, but he quickly nixed my idea to tear into this section of our house. So what do with these built ins???

I removed most of the shelves and for months this is where we displayed the few framed pieces we own, mostly from my husband’s work as a pilot. This spring, though, we decided it was time to set up a computer area for our children to complete their homework, where we are still able to oversee what they were accomplishing on the computer. We owned a desk that was literally being moved room to room to find the right place to put it, and I was THIS close to finally donating it since I hadn’t found a home for it I was happy with.

It finally dawned on me that it would probably fit just about perfectly in front of one of these bookshelves.

New Use For Built-Ins - New Use For Built-Ins -

I set the lowest two shelves to be even with the desk and added on more set of shelves above it. It has proven to be a PERFECT work station for the kids when they have computer homework to complete and my husband was so happy when I stated “look! we finally have books on our bookshelves!”

They are, of course, from the library!

New Use For Built-Ins -

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  1. Bren Fey
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    Gorgeous transformation! I love the desk/bookcase nook.

    • Marissa
      | Reply

      Thanks so much for the support! You know better than most the blood, sweat, tears, and paint that went into those babies ;)

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