Community Gardens

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I am so grateful to have the time and space to keep a garden that produces vegetables like this almost every day. This is not even a picture of complete harvest…there’s always a few other things like kale or berries, or what not.

Community Gardens -

I wish I could share my vegetables with everyone, and I wish I could help everyone create such a garden at their own homes. Few things in life make me happier than knowing I created these beautiful plants from seed, grew them into bearing plants, harvested them, and am able to create meals to keep my family alive from my backyard. I just LOVE that!

Alas, such is not the case for everyone. Life gets in the way, lack of space, lack of SUNNY space, lack of supplies, you name it.

I highly recommend you take some time to search your area and see if there are any community gardens around. There usually are at least a few, particularly in urban areas, and I have found they are usually a reasonable annual membership price.

In nearby Omaha, there is one garden in particular that I have heard great things about, though haven’t had the opportunity to stop by and I need to (they also have a TWO YEAR waiting list!). 

Dundee Garden

Tomorrow there is, what seems like, a regular bike tour of several of Omaha’s community gardens including Dundee, that I just found out about yesterday! What a great reason to hop on a bike (for a 10 mile ride) and check out your city! Take a look at their Facebook page Tour De Garden. I won’t be making this one, but hopefully soon!

I have been searching, and I haven’t found any community gardens in my city of Papillion, but I will keep searching. If I can’t find any…maybe I’ll just have to start my own!!!

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