Taking Time For Ourselves

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School year 2016 – 2017 is in full swing now. My 14 year old (almost 15) is enjoying his first year of high school, my 11 year old LOVES being the big kid in 6th grade and my 4 year old is relishing her last year of preschool…constantly reminding us she is almost in kindergarten. One more year honey…

I have also returned to school this fall as a mathematics instructor and tutor at a community college. My husband’s more than full time job in the Navy is keeping him on the go as usual. Planning our days, weeks, and months can quickly become overwhelming as we also try to fit in the other things we enjoy such as Boy Scouts, band, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, blue and gold, traveling, etc.

I am not a fan of overcommitting ones’ self or ones’ children. We do not have the goal of creating super children – keeping them involved in as many extracurriculars and academics to make sure they are competitive in life. Instead, I believe it is our job to encourage our children to pursue their passions and set positive, attainable goals to keep improving themselves and be contributing members of their community. Of course, when there are five of us, with five VERY different ages and interests, every little thing seems to eat away at the “free” time we have in our days.

My husband and I just sat down to go over our week and make sure we are on the same page for the coming events, and it is PACKED FULL.  Once we added in the dentist appointments, orthodontists appointments, birthday parties, service projects, and more, it seemed like I would not be able to find a single second for myself!

Life gets busy, fast. No matter how simple we try to keep it, my family is just interested in so many things and I LOVE that.


I also place a great deal of importance on my belief that we must not forget to take time each day to be calm, thoughtful, and intentional. Are we participating in activities we truly enjoy? Are there areas in our life where we can simplify the processes? Are too many things “getting in the way?” 

I am an organizer. I use planners, computer programs, and apps to keep my life in order, because without them, I am lost. Recently, a friend recommended I try a meditation app (update…I originally thought the app was this one, called Pause. However, she corrected me and pointed out the app she recommended is this, Insight Timer.)

Both Pause, and Insight Timer are apps created to help with guided meditation. I like to think I would be able to find the time to meditate without the help of my phone, but it is a tool that may help teach me to do this. Now I know these apps exist, I am going to take some time to research what they, and others like them, have to offer before I decide whether or not to use one.

Ironically enough, I went onto zenhabits.net this evening to find some inspiration on the subject and Leo’s most recent post was about his kickstarter campaign for a new app! I have been following his blog for years, and even before it has been created, I would recommend any app he starts for the sake of mediation and keeping you focused on your good habits.

Tomorrow I plan to read up on his app in detail and if the concept sounds like something I would appreciate, I will most definitely contribute to his campaign. If you haven’t heard of zenhabits.net or Leo, I HIGHLY recommend you go read his blog. Every time I read a post of his, I feel I am better equipped to keep things in life in perspective and improve myself as a person.

Tomorrow I vow to carve out a few minutes for myself…a walk around the block, 15 minutes of meditation in the quiet, reading an inspirational book or blog…anything to make sure I am not letting the days of a busy life pass me by…

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