Week One of Tracking My Health and Mental Wellness

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It has been one week since I started tracking my health and mental wellness in my journal.

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See the description of what I am doing and the goals I hope to accomplish in this previous post. After a week, I can say I am happy I decided to tackle this challenge! It is a simple task to do, but it has already taught me a great deal about myself. 

  1. This was an obvious one, even before I began the challenge, but there is just NOT enough time in the days to do all I want.
  2. I don’t do nearly as many of the small things I say I want to do, even when I have the opportunity. I was totally “on it” when it came to the things that keep the house running like laundry, dishes, cooking, etc.. However, I only did one or two things to keep myself “running” like yoga, reading, knitting, and walking. It didn’t help that my husband was out of town.
  3. The two times I ate out this week, I had to take medicine for my stomach…which begs the question: why bother eating out even on a special occasion if I’m going to feel like crap afterwards???
  4. I didn’t menu plan at all this week (typical), which certainly affected my healthier eating options. And I am terrible at drinking enough water. Even when I am trying really hard to drink enough water. Ugh.
  5. There are more than several things I give myself WAY too much credit for. For instance, I feel like I JUST did push-ups. Nope. Not a single time. All week. I feel like “I just did that” a lot, when I really haven’t.
  6. I forced myself to perform tasks I have missed working on for a while, like a house project. I finally wired those darn recessed lights in our basement ceiling!

This week my focus is going to be making time for the little things mentioned in #2. Most of them only require 15 – 30 minutes to complete. It shouldn’t be too hard to include at least one in each of my daily routines.

What habits are you trying to improve/quit in your life? Don’t forget to download an easy tracking page here. 

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