Adding Bold Trim to Bland Doors and Windows

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We purchased our 1980s Nebraska house in 2015 and have since been working to update and bring it into this century. A main step in this process has been updating the woodwork (most of which is never really wood, but veneered particle board) by painting it white and adding bolder trim to all the floors, windows and doors. One of the bigger projects in this area was the french doors off the back of our house.

This is the best “before” picture I was able to find. We have this living room with amazing crown molding, beams, and board and batten style trim on all of the walls (all of which was 80s brown and we painted white). Then, immediately next to it we had this plain, simple, understated set of french doors and windows in the eat in kitchen. The combined space just never looked quite right, and it certainly was not a focal point of the room. At least not a good focal point! Don’t you love the gorgeous ceiling fan in the breakfast nook too???

After some back and forth, we finally decided to trim out the doors and windows to match the trim in the living room. In this “during” picture, the old trim has been removed and we began the process of closing up the awkward skylight that was right where the wall and ceiling met. I know, who actually CLOSES UP a skylight? I do.


Once the new trim was in place, I began priming it with the intention of painting it white to match the trim in the rest of the house. Yet again though, something was not quite right. With the white living room paneling and the light gray walls in the kitchen, that long back wall of the house was WAY to whitish. 


I searched and searched for color ideas on Pinterest, but guess what? Surprise, surprise, not many people paint trim in colors other than white (or staining it of course)! After bouncing ideas off my bestie, I decided to go for the BOLD and paint the trim to match the beams in the living room.


I am SO pleased with the results. It is one of the most complimented areas we have worked on in the house and I think the charcoal gray breaks the space up nicely, without making the rooms look too small.

Adding Bold Trim to Bland Doors and Windows -

And don’t make fun of my roller shades. I’m sure one day I will be replacing them with 2″ blinds, but I’m quite fond of them!

Adding Bold Trim to Bland Doors and Windows -


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