Master Bath Renovation Progress

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8 weeks ago I began renovations on the master bath in our fabulously 80s Nebraska House (#nebraskahouseremodel on instagram). Here is what it looked like before. An almost 10 FOOT vanity in dookie brown with onxy counters and an unsightly fluorescent light and large single mirror. Also, beige tile throughout.

old vanity

A large walk in closet that felt closed off and dark especially with two separate tiny doors. What’s that all about???

Old closet doors

A super shallow cast iron bath tub. When you sat in it you were able to stare and the super lovely toilet squished in between it and the shower.

old bathtub

I HATE sliding shower doors.

old shower

Of course, I would have held off if I had a third eye to help me see a few days into the future. You see, home renovation is my full time job, teaching math at my local community college is my part time job. I was already scheduled to teach a few courses over the winter quarter but all that changed in a whirlwind of a few days. My schedule went topsy turvy and on top of that, I took on a couple extra classes as a substitute for the entire month of December.

After ripping up a quarter of my bathroom.

Oh well, my husband is used to being flexible when it comes to whether or not there’s flooring or shelves in the rooms of our house! So I worked a little here and there. I removed the shelves from the closet and we started utilizing our temporary closet set up in our bedroom. Not too shabby, huh? (the patched section of the walls used to be double doors leading into a sitting area on a landing at the top of our stairs which we turned into a fourth bedroom).

Temporary Closet -

The flooring came next…no small job pulling up one to two hundred square feet of tile. All those dang screws!

Ripping Up Tile -

Next to go was the eight foot mirror and gigantic vanity. Not to mention the lovely tan onyx surrounds to the bath and shower.

vanity wall -

The cast iron tub was a pretty big job, but I fought for 2 hours and in the end was the champion!

cast iron tub removal -

Drywall was removed here and there until we finally came to the conclusion that it was better for it to just all go. I can tell you from experience, installing brand new drywall with only a few edges to seam is WAY better than patching ALL the drywall. Yep, even the ceilings will all be pulled down, except in the closet. I still have a few panels left to go, but I also need somewhere to put it when it all comes down!

The plumber came the other day and capped all the lines…in retrospect, definitely a job I could have done myself. Sometimes its best to leave the professional work to the professionals though. We also tore out that gigantic light box for the fluorescent lights…which has made a significant difference in the way the vanity room feels.

demo'd bathroom -

demo'd vanity area -

So that is pretty much where we stand now! I just finished planning the new locations for electric outlets, switches and light boxes and planning the routes for the rewiring. We are widening a few of the super skinny doorways and I’m thankful the framing job is turning out to be super easy.

I am SO excited that we are finally at the point where we actually get to start putting things back together! Hopefully it doesn’t take much more than another 8 weeks to have a working bathroom again!

I created a mood board that I ***think*** is pretty close to what our final product will look like. I love the idea of mixing metals in the vanity area because I am just not a fan of all the fixtures being so matchy matchy. But it’s tough to do it just right! I’ll keep you posted as things continue along!

Masterbath Mood Board -

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