Marissa - threadedtogether.comHi everyone, my name is Marissa! I am a health and environmentally conscious homemaker and self-professed “jack of all trades, master of none!” I am filled with a ridiculous desire to learn how to do as many things as possible, and do them well. People often ask me, “Is there anything you can’t do?!?” To which my answer is “I am sure there are plenty, but nothing I won’t try at least once!”

I believe the best thing we are able to do with our time is contribute as positively as possible to the community that immediately surrounds us. Not a day goes by that I am not attempting to improve myself, or the lives of my family and friends. Of course, this means there is not nearly enough time in the day for the recipes, workouts, home renovations, knitting, repurposing, upcycling, minimizing, and writing I want to do.

My adult life began by building my family and earning my Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Mathematics. A former high school math teacher, I am most recently embarking on my career as a mathematics instructor at my local community college. When I am not teaching, my life passions are plenty, but my main interests lie in:

  • working in the garden and landscaping
  • filling my family’s plates with as many healthy, home grown meals as possible (thankfully my husband is the master chef in the house!)
  • caring for and remodeling my 1980s home through all things DIY
  • keeping our lives as simple and happy as possible (I am a firm believer the two go hand in hand)
  • entertaining
  • knitting and crochet
  • staying fit and active and taking natural care of our bodies and surroundings
  • traveling

My husband, three children, and myself have lived in Papillion, Nebraska (suburb of Omaha) since August of 2015. Prior to that we were in Newport, Rhode Island, Suffolk, Virginia, and Pensacola, Florida over the last 15 years. Our travels have taken us all over the world and I have had the privilege to own five different homes where I am still in the process of honing my skills as a do-it-yourself builder and designer. Each day I hope my path stays directed towards what it means to live a well-intentioned life.

This process is on-going and will never end! Threaded Together is a blog started by my sister, mother and myself in 2009 to share our creations and life-goings-on with each other. As I move forward, it will be a place that will hopefully help you find inspiration to live a creative and purposeful life and learn new things you really can do yourself, even when you think it impossible!

Thanks for stopping by and return to visit again soon!